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Since 2015, Van Hardimon Homes has constructed Single Detached and Single Family Attached homes in Atlanta, Georgia.

Our Mission Statement is Two-fold: To Add Value to Neighborhoods by Developing Forgotten/Maligned Sites with the highest level of Density allowed by the municipality; in Addition; To Provide Vertical Improvements on those Developed Sites that Allow Wealth Building Opportunities to Our Home Buying Clientele.

Our Core Values are Accountability, Energy Efficiency, Sustainability and Minimally Invasive Land Usage.

Our Principal

Van Hardimon

Van has over 20 years of experience in the residential development and construction industry, with all of his experience based in Atlanta, Georgia. Van’s primary focus is on detached/attached residential, urban infill and respectable lot creation. Van earned his Master’s of Science in Building Construction from the Georgia Institute of Technology, where he majored in Residential Construction and Development. Van has been a Georgia State Licensed Contractor since 2008.

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Purchasing a new home is a big investment and we want to protect it. As a homeowner, you purchase homeowner’s insurance to guarantee your home’s safety. As a builder, Van Hardimon Homes offers a warranty to guarantee the quality of our craftsmanship and the appliances selected for your new home.

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